Antonio Boggia, Lucia Rocchi, Luisa Paolotti, Francesco Musotti, Salvatore Greco


Rural Development is a priority in Europe and it is supported by specific, financial programmes. At the
same time, sustainability is the key word for the European Union to construct programmes and policies
for all human activities. However, measuring sustainability of rural areas is not easy, due to their
particular features. The improvement of knowledge on sustainability in rural areas is important to build
long term policies and strategies for those territories. The objective of this study is the development of a
decision support system based on the Dominance-based Rough Set Approach (DRSA), to assess the level
of Rural Sustainable Development in specific areas.We used DRSA to analyze the level of sustainability of
the 92 municipalities of the Region of Umbria, Italy. The results were synthesized in a final ranking,
taking into account the equilibrium and the integration between development and sustainability of each
municipality. DRSA showed a high potential in the context of management or planning, and for supporting
Decision Makers. DRSA is able to give a ranking as well as an explanation of the main factors
driving sustainable development in rural areas.


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